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Korie - 5ft 7in (170cm) Realistic Sex Doll - 5ft 7in (170cm)

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Realistic Sex Doll

Model # 1069

Material: 100% TPE with a metal skeleton
Height: 5ft 7in (170cm)
Weight: 80lbs (36kg)
Bust*waist*hip: 36in*20in*36in (92cm*50cm*92cm)
Feet type
Standing feet
Foot length:
 9in (23cm)
Vagina: Built-in vagina
Vagina depth: 7in (18cm)
Anal depth: 
6.7in (17cm) 
Oral depth: 
5in (13cm)
For oral /breast/vagina/anal sex
Advantage: safe, soft, smooth, real feel, no peculiar smell, top quality
Product gifts: 
Cleaning tools, combs, gloves, wigs, clothes (random)

If you have any questions or you want to customize this doll please do not hesitate to contact us 

Korie is a an Anime love doll that wants everyone reading this to know that, "I am a very busy woman although, I'm young I have my own business. I love what I do but it leaves little time for fun. Lately I find myself missing men and the party scene... It's sad that I have to come ... but it's better than the nothing that I've been having!"

More information about Anime Sex Doll Korie:

Much like the anime style that she loves so well, Korie enjoys dressing up and portraying different characters. Here, she was photographed as a Japanese student, but she has mimicked many other personality types, usually young girls with a naughty side hidden behind a detached and extremely distant gaze.

Korie wants you to believe she is as innocent and pure as she appears, but the reality is she knows how to ‘play’ once you get the ball rolling. She loves to tease both men and women with her body suggestive language and posing. You can get a sense of this activity in the pictures… spreading her legs just enough to make you want to see the rest, those long stockings get your imagination going and wanting to dress her in white nylons with a little garter belt? An even under the crisp, straight lines of her school girl uniform, you can still see the subtle bulges of her breasts or the rounded, beautiful line of her hips under the skirt.

You might just buy that she is really blameless, but trust me, this is all by her intentional pure and misleading designs. Imagine what she could do to you without clothing?! Curious...I guess that's the best word to describe me. I'm not shy, and I'm all about getting what I want, not that I always get, but I try. :-)

'Photo color skin' is the color as shown in the doll photo.

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