ADRIANA: 5ft 6in (168cm) Big Boob Realistic Love Doll

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Adriana is made of high quality TPE with a solid and soft articulated body.

Oral - Vaginal - Anal Capabilities:
Adriana has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities that were designed to be able to handle any size penis.

Clothing Options: Adriana comes with a very sexy outfit and wig.

Model # 1061
100% TPE with a metal skeleton

Height: 5ft 6in (168cm)
Foot typeStanding

Weight: 73lbs (33kg)
Bust*waist*hip: 34in*20in*34in (87cm*50cm*87cm)
Foot length: 8.25in (21cm)

Functions: For oral /breast/vagina/anal sex
Vagina: Built-in vagina
Vagina depth: 
7in (18cm)
Anal depth:
 6.7in (17cm)
Oral depth: 
5in (13cm)
safe, soft, smooth, real feel, no peculiar smell, top quality

Product gifts: Cleaning tools combs gloves wigs clothes (random)

If you have any questions or you want to customize this doll please do not hesitate to contact us 

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Measurements of the box

Doll Size

Box measurements

4ft 5in


4ft 7in


4ft 10in


5ft 2in


5ft 5in


5ft 7in

61.41in*15.74 in*11.81in

Please note that in order to minimize the packaging dimensions, the doll's head is not attached to the body during shipping. Re-attaching requires less than a minute.

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