Lexi the real life love doll

Lexi - Big Breast Sex Doll

Meet Lexi!

Lexi is a beautiful Japanese sex doll that recently moved from Tokyo to San Diego, California in order to attend college at the San Diego State University.

Lexi is 19 years old and has just begun figuring out that she is a bi-sexual woman that enjoys having sexual encounters with both men and women.

Lexi also just recently enjoyed her first threesome with her female roommate her roommate's football player boyfriend.

Back home in Tokyo Lexi would spend all of her nights studying for college, but in San Diego she spends most of her nights having sex.

Real sex doll Lexi's Favorite Sexual Position: Doggy style

Lexi is a real sex doll that really loves having sex while she is in the doggy style position, but to be honest, Lexi really loves any possible sex position she can be fucked in.

TPE sex doll Lexi's Relationship Status: Single

Once again, Lexi is a 19 year old sex doll that is new to San Diego and she is 100% single and available for someone to take her home as soon as possible

Does Lexi Enjoy Anal Sex: Yes

Japanese sex doll Lexi has never experienced anal sex yet, but she loves having her asshole licked, so she is finally ready to let a man fuck her in the ass!

Does Lexi Enjoy Oral Sex: Yes

Japanese real doll Lexi is new to giving head, but she is a quick learner and would absolutely love for a man to teach her how to suck cock like a professional. So if you love teaching young women how to suck dick then Japanese sex doll Lexi is the perfect little slut you've been hoping to find!

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