Alexa - Real Lifelike Sex Doll

Alexa - Real Lifelike Sex Doll

Japanese Sex Doll Alexa isn’t only a sexy love doll, she’s also your biggest fan. Her short purple hair flows down just below her beautiful face. Alexa sucks you in with lusty red lips and drinks you in with her big brown eyes. Japanese Sex Doll Alexa followed bands around the country, but grew tired of life on the road

You see, Alexa used to be the lead singer of an all girl band, but life on the road has taken a toll on her, and now she is looking to quit the road and settle down with someone that she can trust and fall in love with.

Alexa is a big boob sex doll that really has taken quite wonderful care of her body, and she is ready to allow a man to have her way with both her heart as well as her sexy body.

Love Doll Alexa's Perfect Date:

I really love movies and Greek food, so any man that can buy me a gyro and then take me to see the latest blockbuster at a movie theater that serves champagne will find himself looking at the back of my head by the time we get back into his car. I admit that I can be kind of a slut because I love sucking cock while a man is driving!

But if the date goes really well, and I mean really well then I will end up sleeping over so we can have some really amazing sex all night long!

Does Sex Doll Alexa Enjoy Anal Sex: Yes

Realistic sex doll Alexa does enjoy anal sex as long as there is a lot of lubrication involved because Alexa might have really big tits and a really big ass, but she has a very tight asshole.

Does Japanese Love Doll Alexa Enjoy Oral Sex: Yes

Alexa enjoys performing oral sex on men more than most women do, so if you enjoy blowjobs from hot Japanese women with big tits and a fat ass then Alexa will be the sex doll of your dreams!


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