Kelly - Real Life Sex Doll

Kelly - Real Life Sex Doll

Meet Kelly!

Kelly has been a self-made woman since the day she was born. You see sex doll Kelly grew up on a small farm in Houston, Texas. Her family was very poor, so at an early age she started a horse riding business. As Kelly got older her body started getting sexier, and by the time she was 18 years old her body was amazing and she started a new business where she charged men $500 per hour to ride horses with her while she rides naked, "I let them men feel my breasts as we ride around the horse trails, and for a few extra dollars I might allow my clients to do a little bit more with me, I mean I'm almost 25 years old and I've already earned half a million dollars from my nude horseback riding business in just the past 7 years.

Realistic sex doll Kelly's Favorite Sexual Position:

My favorite sexual position is of course the reverse cowgirl position because I have an exceptional ass and I love showing it off while I'm getting fucked. The only problem is that most men cum too fast once they see my ass bouncing up on and down on their cocks.

Redhead love doll Kelly's Relationship Status: Single

Yep, it’s very difficult fining a real man that can handle a business woman like me that gets naked for her clients. It will take a real man to be able to handle what I do to make money and not get jealous about it.

Does this redhead sex doll enjoy anal sex: Yes

OMG I just tried anal sex 2 or 3 months ago and I must admit that I currently prefer getting fucked in the ass over any other type of sexual gratification.

Does this redhead sex doll enjoy oral sex: Yes

You better believe it that this redheaded sex goddess enjoys sucking cock and eating pussy, "I especially love sucking a dick while another dick is pounding the fuck out of my asshole, I think it's called something naughty like a 'devil's threesome' or something like that, but I also love threesomes that involve 2 girls, me being one of those girls of course, and just one other man.


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