Customize your doll

Note: dolls in stock can't be customized since they are already made.

What Can Be Customized?

Skin Color
Skin tone is crucial in making a love doll's appearance. Typically, stores offer five to seven options, such as white, fair, pink, tan, brown, and black. Select a skin tone according to your aesthetics. For instance, a dark-skinned Asian love doll will look more than extraordinary.

Eye Color
Options usually include blue, green, and brown.

Feet: Standard or Standing
One more common choice in most sex doll online stores is standard or standing feet. Although the standard feet provide a more realistic look and feel, the standing ones are about flexibility and more sex positions. Each doll's standing feet have three installed pegs that allow the doll to stand independently without external support.

Pubic Hair
You can also customize pubic hair. Most vendors have a bunch of options, including full bush, shaved, or a landing strip. Moreover, some offer a range of colors for a sex doll's pubic hair.

Note: currently we have more options to customize, check on the product page

How to customize your doll?

In the product page find the option "DO YOU WANT TO CUSTOMIZE THIS DOLL?" and select "Customize doll"

Once you click on the customize option you will see all the options: